We Saved Our Mom From Covid

helping our mom recover from covid

Read the incredible story of how 11 siblings saved their mom’s life and helped her recover from Covid after the hospital had said she had just 12 hours to live!

After losing our Grandfather to Covid-19, and being told our mother only had 12 hours to live, all eleven siblings in our big family came together to fight for our mom’s life.  The hospital had told us they were out of options, so we had to think outside the box and use non-conventional, alternative methods – but our treatments worked!  Our mom went from just hours from death to sitting in her own house for Christmas. Now we want to share the details with you of how our family came up with her treatment plan and took care of our mom in her ICU room. We will share with you what we gave her and how often — and we will give you all of our information and research for FREE – in hopes that you could possibly help your loved ones recover from Covid 19. You don’t have to leave your loved ones at the mercy of the hospital’s failing CDC protocols.  We aren’t doctors, but we have helped hundreds of people use these same supplements to save their own relatives – even if they were on a ventilator!

ATTENTION: Since the writing of this story we have partnered up with a quality company to make saving your loved ones so much easier. Head to cvprotocols.com for more info.

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Help your loved ones recover from covid
helping our mom recover from covid

We saved our mom’s life with some

affordable supplements and God’s mercy

We want to help you, too —

because there is hope!

What Makes Our Protocol Different?

The protocol we used to save our mom from Covid was designed to help the body when it is at its weakest. You can find variations of our protocol on alternative sites all over the internet – and even in use by governments across the world.  If you’ve ever heard of it, our protocol is very similar to the I-MASK+ protocol. 

But there are a couple of things that made our protocol unique.

Firstly, what makes our protocol different is that we had to make our supplement regimen go through the skin barrier – since Mom’s mouth was covered in a BiPap machine. But this delivery method allows those who cannot swallow to still get the benefits of these supplements.  So children, the very elderly, people wearing breathing apparatus or on a ventilator, or even just people with poor digestion who won’t absorb much from oral supplementation….we have an answer for you. 

We were able to get these supplements directly into Mom’s bloodstream using DMSO, or Dimethyl Sulfoxide.  More on that below.

The second thing that makes our protocol unique is that we specifically chose supplements that were of the highest purity and absorption rate – for a very important reason. After all, if you’re putting something straight into the bloodstream of a loved one, you need to ensure it has no harmful fillers, isn’t in a gel cap formula with a carrier oil that you don’t want in the bloodstream, and isn’t made from dozens of ingredients.  For example, when giving somebody vitamin D, we couldn’t use a form that was made from powdered broccoli and beets – we needed nothing but the purest forms. A list of our favorite suppliers is included in the free protocol.

Lastly, it was important that not only the supplements be of the right quality, but also that they be of the right color.  Supplements like Quercetin and Bromelain are commonly used in these protocols, but they are bright yellow – a no-go for our use.  We chose specific supplements so the mixture did not leave any color on the skin. This is to help those who are seeking to care for their loved ones in the hospital the way we helped our mom.

About DMSO

More info about DMSO

DMSO has a long list of primary pharmacological actions, including fighting inflammation, relieving pain, improving blood supply, scavenging free radicals, softening scar tissue, and effects that may benefit autoimmune conditions.” Source

“Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), is an organic sulphur compound. It contains a high concentration of naturally occurring, bioavailable organic sulphur – this means that it contains sulphur molecules that your body can easily use – at a cellular level. This is important because most forms of sulphur found in nature are toxic to the human body. Organic sulphur is a crucial way to deliver sulphur to our cells, which in turn, delivers some stunning health benefits”. Source

“Among the many claims that are made about DMSO, one is beyond question: it carries things through the skin and into the bloodstream.” Source

DMSO is actually a very powerful pain reliever–and yet millions of Americans have never heard of it!

What’s more, DMSO has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the kidneys — a major benefit to people with Covid! 


Since we saved our mom, we have heard from some folks that are concerned about the safety of using DMSO. Often, these folks were people who had used this solvent in the veterinary setting and were used to see the packaging that has several cautions and warnings, etc.

We considered those warnings, too, and it made perfect sense in an animal setting. After all, using DMSO among animals can carry a high risk of toxin transmission into the human! DMSO is so effective because ANYTHING that comes in contact with will be absorbed into the DMSO — and if you’re not careful, into you!

Imagine you’re using DMSO to treat an animal that has manure on it? You could inadvertently bring that bacteria into your bloodstream. Not good. But in this case, we encourage you to wash your hands before you mix it up and rewash them if there is a wait before you apply it to somebody’s skin. You won’t be absorbing animal manure or animal medication — you’ll be absorbing Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium, etc.

So while we understood why there were warnings on the product, we knew the risk of mom dying was far more dangerous and real.

The very reason people are advised to be cautious when using DMSO is the reason it’s so effective. It was the perfect carrier to get these essential and powerful healing nutrients into our sick loved ones.

Also, interested readers might like to look at these further studies and resources on the safety of DMSO for human use. Again, we are not doctors; we only shared what helped us save our mom and has helped many others since then.

WE’VE DONE IT! We have teamed up with a startup supplement company to bring a product to market that would save you from having to buy 8 or more different supplements– and would have them already included in the right ratios! 

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We were overwhelmed trying to save our friend who was on a ventilator. He was dying! When you are in a crisis you can’t even think straight, but WSOM helped us not only know how to help him but gave us detailed instructions on how to do so. They were a true God-send! Our friend is now home recovering with his family! Thank you, thank you!

After ten days in bed hoping I’d turn the corner but still feeling like I wasn’t gaining ground, my wife reached out to the folks at WSOM and began adding their protocol to the “absolutely nothing” the hospital had given me.

Within two days I was up and about, took a shower, ate a meal with my family at the dinner table, and even walked the dogs a block or two. Within five days, I was back to work half days.  I have no doubt that the nutritional supplements were what helped me turn the corner in the RIGHT direction! My body was just running out of what it needed to keep fighting and things could have ended very differently.  We’re very grateful for their help!

My local ER told me there wasn’t anything they could do for my case of Covid. I reached out to WSOM for help and immediately received compassion and assistance with a supplement protocol that gave me significant improvement in just one day.

Our Family’s Journey in Pictures

The family lost their grandfather when he couldn't recover from covidThe family gathered from all over to help their mom recover from covidOne of the sisters going into the hospital to help their mom recover from covidGetting the protocol ready to sneak into the hospital room to help her recover from covidYou can recover from covid 29

A photo journey of all our family went through to save our mom and help her recover from Covid. Make sure to read the whole story.