We have had many questions about how we saved our mom from dying:

Were we ever worried we’d get caught?

Of course, we were. But thanks to the insanity of the current medical system’s protocols, we knew she was going to die without our help. They had told us that.  When we arrived that night, her heart rate was consistently below 40 beats a minute. They told us she had less than 12 hours left and could go at any time. That’s not a time to worry about the risks to ourselves.

The last 18 months have paralyzed many with fear about the repercussions they could face for speaking up, for acting boldly. But now many thousands — if not millions — of Americans have to live with the trauma and regret of knowing their relative died alone, afraid, and surrounded by people who were more concerned with following the official protocols than with saving lives.

2. Why do you think your treatments worked when the hospitals didn’t?

Because the hospitals either are undertreating the virus or doing nothing to stop the damage it causes. At the very minimum, what they are doing is more harmful (Remdesivir) than it is helping.  They expect us to believe that in 2021, we have no working anti-virals except one that causes kidney failure and death in 52% of cases?  We can transplant hearts, lungs, even faces…but can’t develop medicine to kill a virus?

In reality, we think that the current CDC protocol for treating covid is what is killing people.

The current protocol is that if somebody presents at the hospital with covid, they are SENT HOME WITH NOTHING unless they’re bad enough to need oxygen.  IF they are bad enough to need oxygen, they’re admitted into the hospital, immediately into the covid unit, and often right into the ICU.  So somebody could be walking, talking, eating, spending hours a day watching tv with their families, and just go to the hospital for a take-home oxygen tank and suddenly be whisked into the Covid ICU.

And then the real protocol begins with antibiotics, fluids, and oxygen. (Often they’re also given Remdesivir – which has been linked to thousands of cases of kidney failure.)

We all learned in elementary school that antibiotics don’t kill a virus. And then the fluids just rush right to the irritated lung tissue and pool there, since the person is just laying in bed, immobilized by the iv tree and the oxygen cannula.

And then they’re left there. If they’re strong enough to fight off the virus with no other assistance, they improve. But more times than not, once they’re in that situation, they don’t improve.

 3. Do you blame the staff at the hospital for your mom nearly dying?

Well, certainly not the sweet nurses who were doing what they were told. Those folks did everything they were told to do with great diligence, and we watched as they took tender care of mom. We all saw it. Many of them cried when she was transported to the bigger hospital’s covid unit, knowing that many who go there don’t ever walk out again. I can’t imagine how terrible their jobs must be, to watch person after person die despite how busily they’re taking care of them.

It’s not their fault that the CDC and the NIH and these other people have mandated a treatment protocol that isn’t effective, and in fact, is harmful in many cases.

FAQs of how we saved our mom from dying of Covid

4. What did you think of the hospital’s safety protocols for Covid?

From reading other peoples’ accounts online, it’s obvious that people think there is some sort of uniformity between hospitals and their protocols. But Mom spent time in three different hospitals – all in the rural Midwest and within an hour and a half of each other — over the course of this ordeal, with laughably different ‘safety protocols.’

  • Hospital 1:  Visitors could say come in only to say goodbye by special permission from a high-ranking hospital official. We were each given a single N-95 mask that we put in a brown lunch paper bag when were were done wearing it. We put our names on the outside of our lunch bag, and every day, came back into mom’s room and put on our dirty, make-up stained, brown-lunch-sack masks.  In addition to our masks, we had to wear gloves and a gown. Because science.

  • Hospital 2: The second hospital was not allowing any visitors at all, but by God’s providence, they changed their policy one single day after Mom got there. Then they allowed one visitor a day.  So we went in for 10 and 12 hours shifts.  But because mom had ‘had the virus’ for over 14 days, they said she was no longer contagious, so we only had to wear the little paper blue masks that you see on the ground everywhere. Just hand sanitizer by the door of her room and a paper mask that some of us took off for hours at a time in her room.  Because science.

  • Hospital 3:  The third hospital, which mom was moved to more than a month and a half after she was first hospitalized, had a “NO visitors at all” policy.  Even though she was LONG past being contagious and had had more than 20 different visitors for hundreds and hundreds of hours….now she had to spend almost a month recovering her strength via physical therapy in total isolation. Because science.

They project this image via the media like ONLY the experts can be trusted to be around this virus and sick people and that’s why we can’t have visitors, etc.  But in reality, safety protocols are both a joke AND completely inconsistent from hospital to hospital. 

5. Did they ever put your mom on a ventilator?

No, despite numerous attempts to convince us to put her on one, and being pestered multiple times a day to sign a DNR, we were determined to fight for Mom until the very end. The vents have a death rate at a minimum of 50%, with some hospitals as high as 97%.  We were content to do what we were doing and if she died, at least we had done everything we could.  We certainly knew that the CDC’s protocol for treating covid wasn’t anywhere close to ‘doing everything we could” or even necessarily in her best interest.  After all, who gives Remdesivir to a patient with Stage 4 kidney disease?!

We believe that keeping her off the vent saved her life.  Every patient everywhere should refuse the vent, in our opinion, but of course, we’re not doctors.

 6. Any advice for people who aren’t in your situation but may end up there?

First of all, everybody everywhere should be taking steps to avoid getting this illness so they can avoid going to the hospitals to be put on the CDC’s death train. Take supplements, and at the first sign of illness, HAMMER DOWN on your supplements. Before you or your family are sick, buy a huge pill tray that holds two weeks of pills and have it already filled with supplements. 

And then shop around. Right now, before you’re sick.  Start calling hospitals in your area and asking them if they will prescribe Ivermectin, HXQ, and high dose intravenous Vitamin C.  Ask what percentage of their covid patients are ending up on a vent. What’s their survival rate?  Maybe there’s an urgent care that’s treating Covid as an outpatient issue? Maybe there’s a doctor within a 12-hour drive who is prescribing these treatments?  Call them before you’re sick and ask what you need to do to become a patient of theirs. And another very vital question…what’s the visitor policy at their hospital for Covid patients?

We shop around for everything in life. Why choose the bigger hospital if it’s ventilating 85% of covid patients and 75% of them are dying?  Also, why choose a hospital that’s not allowing any visitors when the one an hour down the road would let you sit by your relative for hours a day?

7. Will you share the protocol?

Absolutely! This is why we have created this website — to help as many people as we can who may be in the same position. Click here for the protocol.

8. Is there a way to make it easier?

Yes! There is! Since saving our mom from dying we have helped hundreds of others. We saw a crying need to make it simpler. So, we partnered up with a supplement company CV-Protocols. Now, most of the protocol is put together into ONE SUPPLEMENT to make it simple and easy to care for your loved ones. Go to www.cvprotocols.com and check out the product IM-SHIELD. Use the coupon code wsom10 to get a 10% discount PLUS free shipping!

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