Our Story


While Coronaviruses have existed since the beginning of mankind, the word “Covid” had not been a part of our day-to-day lives until 2020. It’s a well-worn word now—Covid. It litters conversations with family, friends, and even strangers. Our children know it well.

The word Covid brings an unease with it. We all know someone who has had the illness. Many recover from it with relative ease, some have experienced more serious symptoms and some have lost loved ones to it.

Our grandfather was one of those that did not make it. When our mom started going down that same road shortly after his passing, we were determined to find a better way. This is our story:

Our mom got sick in late September/early October of 2020. She had been with our Grandpa as he was dying of Covid and she’d caught it from him. Mom had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stage 4 kidney disease— a LOT of comorbidities. On top of all that, she was both physically and emotionally exhausted. She had spent several days vigil at her dad’s bedside and then been through the trauma of holding his hand while he suffocated to death in front of her.

When we heard mom was sick we were very concerned. We brought over many of the supplements that now are known to be helpful according to the I-MASK+IProtocol. We later found out that she had not taken them as we had hoped.

The virus continued to worsen and Mom was checked into a rural Iowa Hospital on October 4th—missing her own father’s funeral. At first, she was able to be on her personal Doctor’s protocol. This treatment included Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and antibiotics. It also included Remdesivir, the only drug approved by the FDA for Covid. They didn’t tell us that the Remdesivir has a death rate of over 52% because it causes kidney failure. They ran her on two rounds of it.  

Several days passed and we were told she was “stable” or “improving.” However, her mental state was deteriorating and her need for oxygen support was rapidly escalating. Another couple of days passed and on the evening of October 9th, we got the call: Mom was failing.

The CDC protocol had not healed her. As with so many cases, it had made the situation much worse. Mom was on the CDC Covid death train.

We responded quickly to the news and held a family conference call. We discussed our options and two things were made clear: 

1. Mom needed us to fight for her. 

2. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t give this everything we had. 

We knew the hospital wouldn’t deviate from the CDC protocol so we had to work around them.  We came up with a plan to save mom’s life.

The following morning, ten of Mom’s eleven kids (you read that right!) began driving or caught a flight home. By the time we started to trickle in, they had given Mom 12 hours to live.

Rallying to Help Mom Recover From Covid

FAQs of how we saved our mom from dying of Covid

We were, of course, devasted by the news, and as we held a family meeting, we decided we had to pull out all the stops if there was any hope for our mom to recover from Covid. Our plan was something the hospital would never approve of, so we decided not to tell them. We thought that if she died, at least we had tried everything and never had to wonder if we could have done something more.

The first hurdle was to get into Mom’s room. We worked with her doctor as much as able, made ourselves a constant presence in the ER waiting room, and called every number we could find for the hospital administration. We texted the CEO.  Finally, as she was clearly nearing the end of her life, they relented and said we could come to say our goodbyes.  

We were allowed in one or two at a time and immediately got to work. We held her hand, prayed, and read with her, but also used those critical moments to supply her body with the supplements she so desperately needed.

Mom was completely dependent on a Bi-pap oxygen mask. She was unable to take vitamins and supplements by mouth and the hospital was unwilling to accommodate our requests for IV treatment. The only option that we could think of was to send these supplements directly into her bloodstream via DMSO.

DMSO to treat covid

DMSO has been used for decades in animal medicine.  As a solvent, it can be used to carry molecules across the skin barrier and into the bloodstream. We knew that most often, a drug with a molecular mass of fewer than 500 Daltons can penetrate the skin–especially when combined with DMSO.

Simple ionic compounds of minerals like magnesium chloride, zinc sulfate, etc., generally have a molecular mass of fewer than 200 Daltons. More complex molecules like vitamins or hormones have higher molecular masses: melatonin = 232 Da, vitamin D = 385 Da, vitamin C = 176 Da (depending on form), quercetin = 302 Da.

We chose our supplements carefully, working to use the purest available and with as few fillers as possible but we were running out of time.

The nurses were well-acquainted with the Covid death train and told us to prepare ourselves for whatever might happen while we were in Mom’s room. They didn’t expect her to make it to the morning.

We “visited” in two-hour shifts, massaging the DMSO and supplements into her skin every fifteen minutes. We focused on calming Mom’s raging cytokine storm. Vitamin D and melatonin help the immune system regulate when it has gone into overdrive in trying to attack all the virus that is in the body simultaneously. Since mom had the virus throughout her system by now, her body was attacking itself everywhere.

With 36 doses applied, Mom made it through the night. In fact, we dosed her every fifteen minutes for 24 hours, totaling nearly 100,000 IU of Vitamin D.

First Signs of Hope

Helping save our mom and recover from Covid

Mom was more alert that next morning, but her doctor was still unwilling to give us reason to hope.  Not knowing what we were doing for mom, he assumed that she was rallying because her children were around her.

By God’s grace, she made it through the next day. And the next.  We were able to take advantage of the hospital’s testing and diagnostic equipment to make very well-informed changes to what we gave Mom.  We continued to tweak her supplements both in content and in dosage, adjusting as we saw her respond. She wasn’t alone for one minute for over 168 hours.

We weren’t out of the woods yet. Just as her body was beating back the virus and the cytokine storm, her kidneys started to fail. Two rounds of Remdesivir into a patient who already had Stage 4 Kidney Disease took their toll. We tried to support her kidneys but they had “gone to sleep.” Her body, including her lungs, was retaining fluids and her oxygen levels were falling again. We made the hard choice to transport her to a bigger hospital that had an on-site dialysis machine – even though it meant we wouldn’t have access to her to continue dosing her.

We transferred her via ambulance and spent the day worrying. God literally opened the door when just 24 hours after she transferred, that hospital changed their visitor policy to allow Covid patients one visitor per day!

Several siblings had to go home while a portion of us moved to a hotel nearby the second hospital. Taking 10-12 hour shifts, we continued to sit with her, one at a time. We continued to covertly dose her to help heal and work through the aftermath of a body battered by an ill-informed medical system and fatigued by the duration of all she had endured.

Mom continued to improve, though always with that ‘roller coaster’ sort of stress that hospitals tend to bring. Eventually, she was well enough for physical therapy, which meant a third hospital, to rebuild the muscles in her arms and legs before she could be released.

On December 22, Mom was released from the hospital. She spent a total of 78 days in 3 hospitals…but the BEST part of this story is that she LIVED. Despite the official protocols that nearly killed her, Mom’s life was saved by God’s grace, DMSO, and supplements that cost less than $100.

We saved our mom and since then we have used our experience to help others recover from Covid. We want to help you, too! There is hope during this dark time. It’s time to help each other and take a stand for our loved ones.

Be sure to visit our FAQs page as well!

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